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The Future of Bitcoin is Threatened by Quantum Computers

Futurism – November 20, 2017

“Encryption methods like RSA are based on the simple premise that factoring large numbers is computationally unattractive,” said Hurley, who has previously written about the threat quantum computers pose to today’s encryption methods. “RSA and other encryption methods essentially make it so time and resource intensive that it becomes undesirable to invest in breaking the encryption. With the advent of quantum computers, the factoring of these two large numbers now becomes more of a reality.”

Quantum Computing Coming to Wall Street
Markets Media – November 9, 2017

Hurley expects that this momentum will be a good thing for the quantum computing community. “What you should see by the end of the year is massive cooperation between these tech giants in the space of open source,” he said.

Whurley on quantum computing | “quick & nerdy”
me Convention – November 7, 2017

Whurley talks about quantum computing, which for him is — besides artificial intelligence and machine learning — the biggest game-changer in the future.

IEEE Drives Definitions for Quantum Computing
eeTimes – October 30, 2017

“We’re pulling together startups, legendary people in the industry and large companies,” Hurley said. “The idea is for the group is to be very connected in the space, including academia.”

Eleven American leaders selected as 2018 U.S. Eisenhower fellows
Eisenhower Fellowships – October 18, 2017

With the help of our steering committees across the United States, Eisenhower Fellowships has selected 11 American Fellows who will travel in 2018. These Fellows are thought leaders in sustainable food production, quantum computing, transportation, sustainable design, education, labor migration and healthcare.

Quantum Computing Will Change Everything, and Sooner Than You Expect
Futurism – October 12, 2017

When we say an emerging technology represents a “paradigm shift,” it’s often hyperbole. In the case of quantum computers, it’s an understatement.

Toward Defining Qubits
Semiconductor Engineering – September 6, 2017

“The goal is to drive nomenclature standards, which will help with communication and development,” said William Hurley, chair of IEEE’s Quantum Computing Working Group. “Why does D-Wave claim to be working with 2,048 qubits while IBM says it hopes to get to 50 qubits?”