Understanding a Potential “Speed Limit” for Quantum Computing

Since we can't measure departure or arrival times without a delay, there may be a "quantum speed limit." Stay with me, here. I recently read an article by Sebastian Deffner that I found fascinating. In his piece, Professor Deffner discusses the discovery of a "quantum speed limit" that will effectively govern how fast quantum computers will actually operate. You're probably thinking the same thing I did. What does that mean?

David Ignatius Takes Quantum Computing Mainstream in the Quantum Spy

I've written about quantum computing and security risk before. I've written about China, Sweden, and other nations pouring development funds into the field. I've also written about the fear mongering around this new technology, and discussed the possibility that the United States is falling behind in the quantum race. But I'm no David Ignatius. None of my posts hold a candle to his new book, The Quantum Spy.

Wired thinks “Quantum Computing Is the Next Big Security Risk”

Cracking encryption schemes is about time and resources, nothing more. With enough time and enough resources, I can break any scheme we have thus far devised. So quantum computers are scary because . . . ? They have the potential to solve certain problems faster? Maybe the issue isn't with quantum computers, but with the way we secure our valuable, private, and/or classified data?

SXSW 2018’s Hottest Panel Is All About Quantum Computing

That's right, Superposition fans, SXSW 2018 will feature an awesome panel on quantum computing! I get to kick things off in the new year by sharing what I believe will be one of the best panels at SXSW 2018: "Quantum Computing: Science Fiction to Science Fact." Patricia Baumhart has pulled together an all-star lineup, with Andrew Fursman (1QBit), Antia Lamas-Linares (Texas Advanced Computing Center at University of Texas), Bo Ewald (D-Wave Systems U.S.), and Jerry Chow (IBM).  You so need to be there for it.

Six Quantum Experts Share Their Christmas Wish Lists

As I sat there on Christmas Eve morning, I saw the end of the year coming fast. I wanted to come up with a few last 2017 posts that might actually be of some interest. So I reached out to some of the stars of the quantum universe and asked them to share their Christmas wish lists (and in one case, a present). I took the best wish from each and included it below. Here's what some of your favorite quantum computing peeps hope they'll get this year.

ARL’s Dr. Brian La Cour Discusses Quantum Emulation and Childhood Ambition

I'm psyched this week to share my interview with Dr. Brian La Cour, Director of the Center for Quantum Research at Applied Research Laboratories. His current research interests are quantum computing, contextuality, and quantum foundations. He's already published several papers this year, including "Using Quantum Emulation for Advanced Computation," which was one of the main reasons I wanted to talk to him.