TechCrunch Oped: Quantum computing, not AI, will define our future

I sincerely believe that all of our hopes and dreams around everything from going to Mars to curing cancer will be somewhat dependent on quantum computing; making it the space race of our generation. I reject proprietary, cutthroat approaches to this emerging technology. It’s clear to me that quantum computing can serve the greater good through an open-source, collaborative research and development approach that I believe will prevail once wider access to this technology is available. I’m confident crowd-sourcing quantum computing applications for the greater good will win.

Fortune and Glory, Kid. Fortune and Glory.

Listen, I have to take a short break from the quantum commentary to address the rumors, e-mails, Facebook messages, tweets, and InMail (and that one snap chat someone sent; you know who you are). You all know by now I'm fascinated with quantum computing, because I never shut up about it.  I figure it's time to do something about that. Which is why I'm taking a couple weeks off to launch my own entry into the quantum computing fray.